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Interactive workshops

Three exciting workshops will be taking place throughout the yEFIS 2nd Symposium, addressing a wide range of issues critically relevant to young researchers today. Below you will find detailed information on the programme, and our invited experts who will be on hand to guide the discussion and answer your questions. 

Essential Skills for Early Career Researchers

09:10 - 10:00
Communication WS

This workshop will explore essential skills for ECRs crucial for navigating the challenges of balancing research and communication in our daily work life, with practical insights and strategies to support early career researchers in their professional journey.

Joseph Roche.jpg
Dr Joseph Roche
Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin

Joseph Roche is an Associate Professor in Science Education at Trinity College Dublin. He is the Director of Research at the School of Education and leads the Science & Society Research Group which coordinates international research projects on science communication, informal learning, citizen science, public engagement, and higher education science. He was the Principal Investigator of GlobalSCAPE — a European Commission funded research project exploring the global state of science communication. Joseph has worked at NASA and was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard. He is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and is the author of the textbook “Essential Skills for Early Career Researchers”.

Mental health and wellbeing in early careers - navigating the silent epidemic

10:10 - 11:00
Mental health WS

This workshop will cover the evidence on the mental health of early career researchers; the psychology of "imposter syndrome"; ongoing initiatives to advance academic mental health and sustainable careers; and breakout discussions to critically reflect on these themes.

Dr Darragh McCashin
Assistant Professor, Dublin City University

Dr Darragh McCashin is an Assistant Professor in the School of Psychology at Dublin City University (DCU), and is both Chair of The Observatory on Cyberbullying, Cyberhate & Online Harassment and Research Fellow at the ABC.

Darragh’s primary research interests include: digital youth mental health, clinical/forensic applications of technology, and researcher mental health. Previously, Darragh was a Marie Curie Fellow/PhD student at University College Dublin (UCD), examining technology-enabled youth mental health within the EU H2020-funded TEAM-ITN project, specifically the role of technology-assisted cognitive behavioural therapy for children using mixed methodologies. Darragh is currently a Working Group Chair on the ReMO COST Action Researcher Mental Health Observatory (CA19117), and sits on the management committee. A second strand to Darragh’s research is that of forensic/criminal psychology. With an MSc in Applied Forensic Psychology (University of York), Darragh has previously worked as an Associate Lecturer and Research Assistant in the Online-Protect research group at the University of Lincoln, investigating case formulation tools for those with convictions for internet sexual offences.

Darragh McCashin_headshot.jpeg

Lead from Any Level: How to Drive Inclusive and Effective Leadership Right Where You Are

12:05 - 12:55
Leadership WS

The session will cover:

  • Leadership at Any Level: Discover how to lead effectively from any position, regardless of your current role or career stage.

  • Understanding Inclusive Leadership: Learn the core principles of inclusive leadership and why it is crucial in today’s diverse and dynamic research environments.

  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in interactive discussions and activities to help you apply these concepts to your work and career path.

Join us to enhance your leadership skills and contribute to creating a high-performing, inclusive research community.

Sile Walsh headshot.jpeg
Sile Walsh
ELIS Advantage (Effective Leadership, Inclusive Solutions)

Sile Walsh is an award-winning leadership specialist, international bestselling author, and consultant based in Dublin with over a decade of international experience. She has worked with over 22,000 leaders and organisations, focusing on effective and inclusive leadership. As the global diversity and inclusion co-lead for the Association of Coaching, accredited professional supervisor and a PhD candidate researching inclusive leadership, Sile brings insights from industry, practicality and critical thinking from her research to all her work. Her passion lies in creating workplaces where everyone can thrive through the support of high performance and inclusivity.

Career opportunities:
Insights into diverse paths


It's no great revelation that career progression in academia is becoming a steeper uphill battle day by day, and many early-career researchers may become discouraged or disillusioned with the ever-moving goalposts of success they have been trained to aim for. However, a PhD in the life sciences is no less valuable in crafting an ideal career path. We speak to 5 young professionals about the routes they have navigated since their PhDs, and pick their brains about how their perception of 'success' has changed (or not?) along the way.


Our panelists will be announced soon. Stay tuned! 

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